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Hello, I'm Jane Lawson
DailyStep が英語 の学習方法を変えます。

ロンドンで 20 年にわたり英語を教えてきた経験から生まれた、独自の学習方法が DailyStep です。

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さらに、近々 DailyStep オーディオレッスンに登場する話題の数々をご覧ください。

DailyStep があれば、文学、ドラマ、コメディ、歴史、ドキュメンタリー、実際の会話などを通じて仕事や娯楽に使える英語を学ぶことができます。
DailyStep の使用方法
DailyStep は、毎日短いレッスンを提供することで、潜在的な学習能力を最大限に発揮させ、確実に英語が学べるようにします。

毎日 10 分間の学習で、英語が話せるようになり、自然な英語が理解できるようになります!




Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons.I find them very helpful. I'm a teacher of English and it is very important for me to improve my English with the help of a native English speaker. In addition, your lessons are very useful for my classes. My students also like your lessons. You help us not only to learn English, but to know much more about the UK, Great job!

It is a rich and original experience to learn English with your method. Your lesson is like my coffee, I need it in the morning it helps my mind to think and to puzzle out the audio lesson you send me.

You have pushed me to sink deeply in English language...I have tried many other ways but no one works... I've really improved my English speaking and pronunciation. I've been called to an ESL job interview and to my amazement I've been hired to teach English as a second language in China. Thank you very much for your help!