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Smithers & Boyle Investigate - Full length Police Comedy Drama



 Have you ever watched a TV drama or film in English and found it hard to understand? Was it the language and vocabulary that made it difficult? Was it the pace at which it moved along? Was it the accents and the fact that not all native speakers follow the grammatical rules and don’t always fully pronounce words?

Understanding a full length drama in English is not easy and it takes a lot of practice but this course is designed to help someone who has attained a high level of English move on to the next level. This drama is split into 4 parts but you can proceed at your own pace. My advice would be to use the lesson time and time again until you can understand every scene and every spoken word. If you are an advanced speaker and are able to achieve this, you will be well on your way to becoming fluent in English.

This full-length police comedy drama is packed with phrasal verbs, idioms and comprehensively notated so you can understand every word! The course is ideal for high intermediate to advanced level. The main accents of the characters are London's cockney, estuary and R.P. London policemen Constable Smithers & Inspector Boyle take you on a journey full of humour, drama and suspense as they hunt for the criminals. 

As well as making you laugh, this play will help you to understand a complicated narrative in English, understand London accents, and also give you lots of vocabulary to help you follow the most common of English TV and Film dramas -“The Police Detective Thriller”. It also comes complete with sound effects and original music. You can save the audio as MP3, download the script as PDF, and also access it online anytime in your DailyStep Personal Lesson Bank.