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How to use DailyStep




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How much time do you have?

5 minute lesson method: 

  1. Listen 
  2. Click to show text, then read it aloud. 
  3. Speak and listen at the same time. 
  4. Click text to hide it, then listen again. 

15-30 minute lesson method:

If you have enough time (15 minutes or more), please follow these 10 stages:

  1. Listen twice to the audio file without looking at the words. Look away from the computer screen.
  2. Ask yourself what the speakers are talking about. If possible, say aloud what you think they are talking about.
  3. Try to write the exact words that are hidden – use them as a dictation. You can pause the audio file, and use the audio slider to move back and forward in the audio file. You can also listen to the slow audio file, which you will find at the bottom of each lesson box.
  4. Now, uncover the hidden words by clicking once on each black-out area. Check to see if your dictation is correct. Notice which words were difficult to hear – these are often the small words that are not stressed.
  5. Listen again to the dialogue with all the text uncovered.
  6. Read the dialogue aloud (in other words, speak the dialogue), without the audio file. Practise this 2 or 3 times. Try to copy the pronunciation, rhythm and tone of the English speakers.
  7. Listen to the audio and read the dialogue aloud at the same time. In other words, speak along with the audio file. Try this 2 or 3 times (or more!), until you can speak in the same style as the English speakers. This stage is very important! Please do not skip it! 
    Concentrate on pronunciation, rhythm, tone and speed. You can also read along with the slow audio file, and the icon for this is at the base of each lesson box. Using the slow audio file before the fast one will help you link the words together more naturally. If possible, please also record yourself and then compare your voice to the native speakers in the lesson.

  8. Now, please listen to the audio again 3 times, without reading the text. Look away from the computer screen. This time you will understand the conversation perfectly. Try to speak along with the audio as well, but please don’t worry if you can’t say all of it. It’s a good idea to try this stage of the lessons the next day as well. 
  9. Finally, please try saying the dialogue, or parts of it, without the audio or text. Don’t worry if you make mistakes! Just try again, and remember, this is a learning process so over time you’ll get better and better at it. So just trust yourself and trust the process.
  10. After listening to and speaking the same conversation so many times, you will automatically learn the grammar and vocabulary without really trying, and you will find that you remember it well. 
    If you have more time, please write the new vocabulary in a book, and add new words to it every day.


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