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 How to get a DailyStep English Certificate 

DailyStep English CertificatesDailyStep English Lessons are inspected and accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. This is an internationally recognised organisation that inspects learning programmes and guarantees quality in further education. 

You can add your DailyStep English Certificate of Continuing Professional Development to your CV or Resume and show a college or employer that you have completed a DailyStep English course. Each certificate has a unique number and can be verified as authentic.


Your DailyStep English Certificate will look like this (without the yellow highlights!):

How to get an English Certificate from DailyStep English

How to get your English Certificate after completing your DailyStep English Lessons

If you would like an official certificate when you finish your DailyStep English Lessons, please contact me at jane@dailystep.com. I will check your Lesson Bank to verify that you have successfully completed all your DailyStep Lessons.  If you have successfully completed all the lessons in your subscription, your Certificate of Continuing Professional Development will be sent to you by email. You can show this to an employer or university, and each certificate can be verified as genuine. You need to study DailyStep English for at least 1 month to gain a certificate.

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