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Interactive English Vocabulary Exercise About Bees



Bee on flowerTry this Interactive English Vocabulary Exercise About Bees

I hope you enjoyed my free video lesson about bees last week. If you missed it, you can see it here. So, how much of the vocabulary do you remember? Try this free Interactive English vocabulary exercise to test yourself!

Move the words to the correct place: 

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Now check your answers and watch the video again

This is a bee on a yellow flower. The bee flies from flower to flower. 

It buries its head and legs in the petals of the flower in order to gather grains of pollen. It has to fly to very many flowers in order to gather enough pollen to make honey.

Now the bee has landed on a tall pink flower which has very many petals. It’s so busy! We sometimes say that a busy person is as busy as a bee.

The bees fly back to the beehive and they make a loud buzzing sound as they fly. It’s best not to approach a beehive without protective clothing in case the bees try to sting you. A bee sting is extremely painful!

If we look closely we can see the yellow pollen on the backs of their legs.


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Interactive English Vocabulary Exercise About Bees