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IELTS Speaking Test Part 2 Sample Answer: DESCRIBE YOUR FAVOURITE SHOP



Jane Lawson,  English Teacher at DailyStep EnglishHello, I'm Jane at DailyStep English.  You can use this week's sample speaking test answer if you need to describe your favourite shop for IELTS or other English exams, or just to improve conversation skills. You can also try my new IELTS Interactive course  If you are new to DailyStep English, please register for a free trial of 5 UK/USA audio lessons.

IELTS Speaking Test PART 2 Sample Question and Answer
by Jane Lawson at

Question: Describe your favourite shop. You should say:

    • where it is
    • how often you go there
    • what it sells
    • and explain why you think it is a good shop.

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 My favourite shop is one called Trinity Wholefoods in Hastings, a town on the south coast of England. It is in Hastings town centre, just near the seafront, and opposite the library.

I always make a point of going there every time I am in Hastings, which is quite frequently. I suppose I go there around twice a month on average, although the frequency of my visits depends on many factors. I would prefer to go there much more often than I actually do.

Trinity Wholefoods sells a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, dried goods such as grains, herbs and spices and many other things. Most of the food they sell is organic, meaning that it is  grown without pesticides.  Other things it sells are home-made bread and cakes and so on. They are all made locally and are really delicious.

There are several reasons why I think this is a good shop. One of them is the wide range of its products, even though it’s in a small building. Another thing I like about this shop is that it is a cooperative, meaning that all the people who work there have a stake in the shop and a share in its profits. A further reason why I like this shop is that it supports local farmers and when food is imported, it is fair trade food meaning that the producers of the food are paid a fair price for it. 

I also like the fact that I can buy fruit and vegetables there without them being wrapped in plastic, so it’s more environmentally-friendly to shop there. A final reason is that the prices are quite low. Often this kind of shop tends to be expensive, but Trinity Wholefoods keeps the prices down, which probably explains why the shop is always so busy. If I could, I would do all my shopping there

This sample answer took around 2 minutes, which is the maximum time you need to speak for in the IELTS Speaking Test Part 2. Now, try it yourself!

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