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How To Describe Reflections In Water - Free Video English Lesson


Learn How To Describe Reflections In Water

How can we describe reflections in water? This free video English lesson will help you describe what you see in the water, and how to react to the reflections that you can see.  Speak along with the video - it is a free method of learning  English and it is highly effective..

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Here is a transcript of the free video English lesson: How To Describe Reflections In Water

This bowl is on the table in my garden. I love the way that I can see the sky reflected in the water. It’s obviously a sunny day because there are only a few clouds in the sky. You can also see my pot of parsley reflected in the water. 

It’s amazing isn’t it? It’s like looking into another world.

When the wind blows gently it makes ripples on the water. And if I move in closer we can only see the clouds and it looks as if the sky itself is rippling.

If I tilt it further round you can almost see the sunset in the distance although everything is upside down. 

If I move further away, it just looks like a bowl on the table with nothing at all reflected in it. But when I move in closer we see the magic again.


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How To Describe Reflections In English