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Welcome to my DailyStep Audio Blog

Jane Lawson English Teacher in LondonHere you can find exciting new pages with audio lessons, practice for exams such as IELTS, audio proverbs, picture and video lessons - and you can find out which subjects are coming soon in the DailyStep Subscriber Audio Lessons! I hope you enjoy my blogs, and if you have any questions at all, please do email me at jane@dailystep.com.


Try this easy and fun exercise to improve your speech rhythm and word linking.


Here is my personal tribute to Queen Elizabeth II In this free English video lesson, you will learn some interesting things about her life, some sad things about her death and also how she used her clothes, jewellery and more to show what she really thought about world events and leaders.


In this free IELTS Audio Lesson, you will learn how to describe the weather and how it makes you feel. There is also an Audio Vocabulary Exercise so you can learn how to rephrase the important language.


With this free English writing quiz, you can test your knowledge of how to use verbs in conditional clauses. Then check your answers and follow the free study links.


Take this QUIZ and Audio Lesson to avoid common mistakes with BE USED TO, GET USED TO and USED TO. Plus, watch a free video to learn how to use a DailyStep Audio lesson correctly.


This free video English lesson will help you to learn to think in English and to improve your conversation skills, fluency, listening and English exam scores.


This free writing and video lesson will help you talk about extreme weather conditions – in this case extreme heat – in English. Please try the writing exercise now and then watch the video lesson to get my explanation of the answers.


Test yourself here with this free quiz and video lesson, with the study links to learn English verb tense as well. Please start now.


How well do you know your English prepositions? Please take this free English Preposition Writing Quiz, with a free video lesson from me explaining the answers. Can you get 100%? Please try it now.


This free video lesson and quiz will help you to avoid mistakes when using English articles A, AN and THE.
I hear these mistakes even from some advanced learners, so please check your understanding and learn more here.