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How To Describe Feeding Lambs In English


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How To Describe Feeding Lambs In English

This free video English lesson will help you describe lambs and how to feed them in English. You will learn some agricultural vocabulary that you can use on any farm, and how to talk about feeding any baby animal. Speak along with the video - it is a free method of learning  English and it is highly effective.

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Here is a transcript of the free video English lesson: Learn How To Think In English

How To Describe Feeding A Lamb In EnglishHere are some sheep in a field with their lambs. And here are some orphan lambs in a stable. They need to be fed with a bottle because they can’t feed from their mothers. So my mother and my husband Brendan are feeding this lamb with a bottle of milk. We can hear the lamb bleating.

My mother holds her hand under the lamb’s chin and raises the bottle so that it can feed more easily. Listen to that sucking sound! The lamb continues to suck hard at the bottle. He must very hungry. Ah! Isn’t he sweet?


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