Bienvenue sur notre blog audio DailyStep | DailyStep English

Bienvenue sur notre blog audio DailyStep

Nous rédigeons régulièrement de nouvelles pages passionnantes avec des leçons audio, des exercices pour préparer des examens comme le IELTS, des proverbes audio, des images et des leçons en vidéo - et vous pouvez découvrir ce que seront les prochains sujets à venir dans les leçons audio DailyStep pour les abonnés ! Brendan et moi-même espérons que vous apprécierez le blog, et si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à m'écrire à l'adresse


Can you speak along with me here? Listen to FREE AUDIO PREVIEWS of all the DailyStep Subscriber Audio Lessons topics between Monday, 4 July and Saturday 9 July 2022.
You can join any time in the week to get all 5 lessons at your chosen level(s). Please speak along with me on this page to improve your English pronunciation.


Test yourself here with this free quiz and video lesson, with the study links to learn English verb tense as well. Please start now.


How well do you know your English prepositions? Please take this free English Preposition Writing Quiz, with a free video lesson from me explaining the answers. Can you get 100%? Please try it now.


This free video lesson and quiz will help you to avoid mistakes when using English articles A, AN and THE.
I hear these mistakes even from some advanced learners, so please check your understanding and learn more here.


On this page, you will find FREE ENGLISH DICTATION PRACTICE. It's a great way to improve your English listening, writing and speaking. The dictation is changed every Wednesday, so you can come back for a new exercise each week.
How to use: Please write EXACTLY what you hear.


Do you know these 5 great weather idioms. Please take this Free Quiz + Lesson - then a second Writing Quiz to make sure you can use these English weather idioms correctly.


In this free video English lesson, you’ll learn how to describe bees, how they behave on flowers and at their hive, and also the noise they make. Listen and repeat - take one step every day on your road to better English.


Practise for your IELTS Speaking Test with this sample answer about my favourite season, Spring, with key phrases highlighted.


How many ways do you know to use the PAST SIMPLE tense in English? In this lesson, you can learn ALL 10 ways to use the Past Simple tense (also called Simple Past) - from BEGINNER TO ADVANCED USES!
There is also a FREE QUIZ to test your understanding, and if you are a DailyStep Subscriber, you can log in to listen to this lesson.


How many ways do you know to use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS tense in English? In this lesson, you can learn ALL the ways to use the Present Progressive tense (also called Present Continuous) - even some ADVANCED USES!
There is a FREE QUIZ at the end to test your understanding, and if you are a DailyStep Subscriber, you can download this lesson to use offline any time.