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Welcome to my DailyStep Audio Blog

Jane Lawson English Teacher in LondonHere you can find exciting new pages with audio lessons, practice for exams such as IELTS, audio proverbs, picture and video lessons - and you can find out which subjects are coming soon in the DailyStep Subscriber Audio Lessons! I hope you enjoy my blogs, and if you have any questions at all, please do email me at jane@dailystep.com.


Learn the difference between these 3 idioms: IN THE NICK OF TIME, AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR, AT THE LAST MINUTE.


Is it correct to say THE SKY WAS A CLEAR BLUE? Learn about this use of the indefinite article.


How many of these English nautical idioms can you understand and use in conversation? Test your knowledge here!


Check your understanding of English conditionals with this interactive quiz. You can take the quiz and also revise my last 2 lessons on this topic here.


It's time to get enthusiastic about learning grammar.. yes you heard that right! Let's look at why grammar is so important and why even native English speakers have to know the rules.


Learn how to describe a photograph of a beautiful autumn tree - a very important skill for IELTS and other English examinations!


Here is a free audio proverb for you to practise your fluency and increase your vocabulary - and remember a very important message too! Plus there is a video of how to use DailyStep Audio Lessons.


Learn all the meanings of CAN, both as a modal and as a noun, and check that you can pronounce correctly it in both its strong and weak forms.


You know how to use question tags, do you? Find out when this sentence is correct!