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DailyStep EasyReader: The Signalman, a ghost story in Easy English



DailyStep EasyReader: The Signalman, a ghost story by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Brendan O’Connell at DailyStep English

 Brendan: This famous ghost story, The Signalman, is by Charles Dickens, one of the greatest English writers. Although the language has been simplified for this DailyStep EasyReader, the story still contains all the drama and plot of the original text. It is impossible to relate a complex story without using most of the verb tenses but to help you understand, there are full grammatical explanations of all the constructions used in the story. The vocabulary in the story is fully explained in the notes. Enjoy this story, listen to it and read it repeatedly until you understand every word. Also, try speaking and reading the story at the same time, to help your English pronunciation and speech rhythm. This is a great tool for anyone in the early stages of learning English.

As a young man I went to Spain and learned to speak Spanish. It was difficult for me to learn the language and I worked hard at it. Soon after starting, I bought a Spanish novel written in easy, low level Spanish. This was very hard for me to understand but it helped me a lot because I realised that if I worked slowly, I could follow a complicated story in Spanish. Reading that book showed me that studying a language was more than just an academic exercise - it could also be great fun. 

Jane: If you buy this course, the story will be permanently available to you in a DailyStep Personal Lesson Bank so you can study it as often as you like. You can also download it as MP3 audio and a DailyStep E-book, so you can study on your mobile phone or other mobile device.