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IELTS Speaking Test Part 2: Describe a type of exercise


How can you describe your hometown for an IELTS Speaking Test?

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IELTS Speaking Test PART 2 Sample Question and Answer

by Jane Lawson at

Question: Describe a type of exercise you know. You should say:

  • what it is
  • how it is done 
  • when you first tried it 
  • what kind of people it is suitable for 
  • and explain why you think it is a good exercise.

IELTS Speaking Test part 2 -  Describe a type of exercise

Answer:  The exercise that I like the most  is called rebounding. It basically involves bouncing on a mini trampoline, also called a rebounder. It's a very  easy exercise to do, in fact I think it's one of the easiest exercises.

All you need to do is stand on the rebounder and start bouncing up and down. It’s best to start gently at first, then increase the intensity of the exercise after a few minutes. You can also move around in different ways, for example twisting your body,  and ideally hold small weights in your hand so as to exercise the muscles in your upper body as well as in your lower body

I first tried this exercise about 5 years ago, because I wanted an aerobic exercise that I could do at home in any weather. I also needed something that was fun, otherwise I would lose motivation

Rebounding is suitable for everybody to do. You can have a really vigorous workout until you are completely out of breath, or, if you are feeling tired, you can just move gently on the rebounder without using too much energy.  Apparently, it's a very good exercise for people who are recovering from an injury and also for elderly people, as long as they use a hand bar for stability.

I have read that it is an excellent form of exercise because the up and down motion has a unique effect on the body, causing all your  muscles to contract each time your feet  hit  the rebounder. At the top of each bounce, it  also stimulates your lymphatic system, which improves detoxification and overall health.

This sample answer took around 2 minutes, which is the maximum time you need to speak without stopping in Part 2 of the IELTS speaking exam.  Now, try this yourself, and if possible record your answer so you can listen back to it.

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