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How to use expressions with AS (part 1)


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There are so many little phrases with AS which cause confusion for English learners – and one of the problems with understanding them is that when we speak, we do not pronounce them clearly. Here are just a few of them, and I’ll cover some more in future blogs. If you are a subscriber to my audio lessons, you can also hear and download this Word Study.


1. AS OF

Meaning: starting from a particular time or date

Examples: 1. As of next week, he will be working in our London office. (note: this means ‘From next week onwards, he will be working in our London office.')

2. He will be working on our team as of this week.



Meaning: We use these expressions to describe how a person or situation seems to be. ‘As if’ and ‘as though’ have exactly the same meaning.

Examples: 1. I felt as though I was going to faint.

2. It looks as if it is going to rain.

3. She sounded as though she was trying not to laugh.


3. AS IF!

Meaning: We use this informal expression to show that we think something is impossible.

Examples: 1. “Do you think Prince William will come to my birthday party if I invite him?”

“As if!” (note: this means ‘Of course he won’t come!')

2. She thinks she is going to be a famous artist. As if! I mean, have you seen her paintings?



Meaning: in the same way as always

Examples: 1. As ever, he was over an hour late!

2. The children woke up at five o’clock in the morning, as ever! (note: this means that they always wake up at this time.)



Now try to write your own sentences using these expressions. Make sure they are true to your own life, as this will help you to remember them better. I think that's enough for now, but look out for more expressions with AS in my future blogs on

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