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Free English Preposition Writing Quiz + Video English Lesson

How to use English prepositions correctly

Free English prepositions writing quiz and video lessonThe best way to learn how to use English prepositions correctly is to practise them regularly. The free preposition writing quiz on this page is a perfect way to practise.

Then in the Free English Video Lesson,  I will explain the answers and give you some additional tips. If you are a DailyStep English subscriber, you can download the audio at the bottom of this page.   

Now, for the Quiz Answers, please watch this Free DailyStep English Video Lesson:


Here is the video transcript:

Hello, I'm Jane at DailyStep English,
and here are the answers to today's Free English preposition writing lesson.


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As usual, you write your answers in the spaces, like this – and it's automatically corrected. Those two are wrong!


1. The correct answer is:

John left school at the age of 18. He went to college after that for three years, and now he works in a pharmacy as a pharmacist.

2. I think he is in love with her. Have you seen the way he looks at her?

Yes, I have, but it seems to me that she doesn't feel the same way about him.


3. The correct answers are:

I can't make it to your party on Friday because I will be in Madrid.
Madrid sounds exciting! Will you be there on holiday or on business?
Both really. I'm speaking at a conference on Thursday and I've been invited to dinner by a friend of mine on Friday.


4. The correct answers are all IN actually, this time.

Please make sure you write the answer in your own words. Your answer should also be written in capital letters and in pencil. The machine cannot read answers written in ink or in lowercase letters.

Finally, 5. The correct answers:

When I got home from work yesterday evening, I could see that the house next door to mine was on fire.

Oh no! Did you call the Fire Brigade? 

No I didn't. I was going to call them but then I heard from my neighbour that they were on the way already.

So, I hope you were successful in the quiz! 

35 out of 35 would be good, but a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step! If you haven't succeeded completely, then don't worry. You will get better over time.

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Free English preposition and video lesson

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