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English phrasal verbs POP ROUND and DROP BY

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This is Jane Lawson's Audio Blog #098 at DailyStep English

Phrasal verb differences in British and American English
by Jane Lawson at DailyStep.com 

Correct use of phrasal verbs is possibly the most confusing thing about learning English – especially at higher levels – but as you know it is essential because phrasal verbs are used all the time in informal English. They usually have more formal equivalents, but in conversational English we use phrasal verbs much more often.

When we are recording the American dialogues for DailyStep, our American speakers change the language in our Audio Lessons, which were originally written in British English, into natural American speech. 

Listen to this example of one of these changes being made:  “Pop round? We would never say that. We would say “drop by”.

So, the phrasal verbs pop round and drop by mean the same thing. As I am British, I say "I’ll pop round later", which means "I will visit you later". But an American would never say that. Americans say "I’ll drop by later", or in my best American accent ‘I’ll drop by later’. 

When you learn English with DailyStep, I advise that you learn to speak in one accent only, in other words, speak along with either the British or the American audio files. But do listen to the other accent and read the notes, as it will help you to understand many more people in the English speaking world.

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