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Do you want to improve your English listening and English speaking?

DailyStep will change the way you learn English!

Hello, Iím Jane Lawson
, an English teacher in London with 20 years experience teaching English.
I have developed a fast, effective and fun method to help you speak and understand real English.

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DailyStep Audio English Lessons are:

- Highly effective ...
Just try them and see for yourself!
- Interesting and enjoyable ...
So you will stay motivated!
- Easy and convenient ... Ideal for busy people!

How my English learning program works

DailyStep Audio lessons will make you speak English like a native speaker for a short time each day, and help you to understand native speakers perfectly.

Each weekday you receive an email containing a link that takes you straight to your audio lesson.

Each audio lesson contains a short conversation, with audio and script, as well as vocabulary, grammar and style notes to help you understand it.

The dialogue text is hidden at first so you can test your listening skills. You can then uncover the hidden text.

There are 2 audio files per lesson Ė one at fast, natural speed and a second audio file that is slowed down using special software to 65% of natural speed. This allows you to hear exactly how the language works.

You speak along with the audio files to improve your pronunciation, rhythm, speed and intonation

All your lessons are stored for you in an online Personal Lesson Bank so you can log in to take them again any time, even after your subscription has expired.

You can download the lessons as MP3 audio files and PDF e-books to your computer, tablet or mobile phone

They take only 5 - 10 minutes each day to complete, and you can log in and take your lessons from any computer.

There are no advertisements to distract your attention.

As a subscriber you have full access to hear and download my full archive of Audio Blogs, with cultural articles, audio grammar lessons and much more.

All lessons have a full 14 day money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all!

When you start on my program, you may think it sounds much too fast Ė in fact, some of my students ask me why the speakers are talking so quickly! They think it is faster than natural English. But it isnít! This is the speed of English that you need to learn to understand.

Why is fast English so hard to understand?
When we speak in conversation, we donít pronounce each word clearly, and we often join words together. This means that it is difficult to hear when words begin and end, because we pronounce them as one long sound. My students often say Ė why do English speakers do that? They want the words to be pronounced separately and clearly, so they can understand them. But think about your own language. You donít stop and start between words and if I listen to your language, I will not be able to understand where it begins and ends.

Donít worry!
With DailyStep lessons, you will get a second audio file that is slowed down using special software to 65% of natural speed. This allows you to hear exactly how the language works. I recommend that you practise speaking along with this file several times each day before moving on to practise with the natural speed file.

What about the grammar and vocabulary?
You donít need to focus on this much, because by listening, repeating and speaking the file over and over again, you naturally absorb the grammar and vocabulary, and you will find that you can use it without thinking next time the opportunity arises.

I have designed these online audio lessons to be a very easy, cheap and effective way to improve your English speaking, listening and conversation skills, and also to improve TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and other examination listening scores. Every day youíll learn some new English vocabulary, idioms and phrasal verbs, and feel more confident in working and making friends in English. Youíll also learn correct English pronunciation, rhythm and tone.

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My philosophy with teaching English is that it is best for you to learn a little each day and remember it clearly. I always make sure my online English lessons are short, interesting and easy to remember. Whether you are taking other English classes or not, I can help you to achieve your English learning goals.

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